Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hofburg Palace

It was a wet afternoon!
Hofburg Palace is another place which was listed on the must-see list in the brochure. I must confess I took this picture on Day 2 while walking about looking for interesting buildings and architecture. I found this just as my legs were giving out and I was wet from the ankles down. I was cold and hungry. So apart from these hots I didn't bother hanging around here too long. But I sit in the comfort of my apartment many many thousand trillion miles away from Vienna, I think...damm I should have taken more shots and gone inside the building.

Another angle of the walls of Hofburg
Who knows I may have been fortunate to see the current President of Austria. It is now his seat in this current day. And if I were transported back to the days where royalty ruled and folks never showered unless absolutely needed...I may have been able to see carriages of the royal family as they leave their residence for a spot of sigh-seeing for air.
If you walk long enough you'll bound to find Hofburg Palace.
So here's a little history of Hofburg which I've gleaned from the internet. Just so if you were ever in Vienna you would do this building justice.
1. Hofburg is today the official residence of the President of Austria. ( Lucky him!)
2. It used to be the home of the Habsburg dynasty ( Lucky them...!)
3. You should take the U-bahn ( tube in normal language) and get off at U3/Herrengasse. And not walk about from Stephensplatz like me. It would save your legs extra pain. Seriously.

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