Saturday, October 06, 2012

Maltese Church

If you walk along  Kärntner Straße , which as a tourist you will feel duty bound to may come across this church. I missed it the first time I walked down the street. My shallow mind and eyes zoomed in only on the possible shopping along this lovely pedestrianized street. The entrance is just that. A size of a single dooe with empty beige walls on either side. The sign to the right of the picture above is small. I only found out this place was listed on Tripadvisor when I googled places of interest in Vienna.( After returning home from trip). Hehe! Moral of the story, either you google extensively before your trip...and like me take pictures of interest to you and proceed to have fun when you get home.
A closer peek inside
In the reflection you can see the souvenir  shop opposite this church and people walking past without realising what they are walking pass.
With the zoom mode
I didn't go inside, something I'm regretting now. So here's a picture I took from the main door. You can see it isn't very long and the altar looks very grand and it attracts you somehow. This piece was painted in 1730 which is a pretty long time ago. This is a Roman Catholic Gothic church. ( What does Gothic mean? Remind me to google that after posting this.) And it has been restored in stages, the last being in 1998. There's a little bit of history for you. You won't find this place listed in the top list of places to visit in Vienna. So I'm pretty proud of myself having luckily taken a few pictures.

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