Saturday, October 06, 2012


As seen from Graben
 I knew this was important. Yes I did! And so I have a shot of this Baroque era church to add to my collection. I actually have two shots on two different days. But this one was the nicer of the two. Once again I didn't go in because I was hungry and wanted some food.  If you realise this is possibly a very early church which has stood here since the second half of the 4th century you may well get excited about this shot too. It's actually squeezed in between some buildings so I could be forgiven for thinking it's just another church. Yes yes...philistine that's what I yam!

What you see if you face the Street
This was the only reason I took some shots...because there were others ( who obviously did their homework) taking pictures. More before I decided to whisk my camera out to take some shots.

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