Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Palais Palffy

The entrance of the building
First a little bit about Palais Palffy, it's opposite the Hofburg and it is meant to be a Palace but I think that's wrong. It was small and very unpalace-like. If you google this name, you can find very little about it. Apart from the fact it was once owned by a family called ( no surprises...Palffy). Mozart performed his first concert here at the age of 6. So yes because of this very fact, this place deserves a mention.
I arrived early.
This was one of the few times I arrived a good 40 minutes before any concert. Got scared of the dark and also worried I may not be able to find the place. The picture above is the little ( and yes I mean small) room we were ushered in for the performance.

Taking a bow before playing
They played like angels although one small comment if you will allow me, I think the costumes could have been better. I thought they were a little amateurish but I didn't dare voice out more until I stumbled out a blog which totally knocked this entire place down. And adviced folks this was a scam ( yes I felt stupid reading that thinking I had been conned) and the tickets were overpriced and the entire feel was like a school concert.

Okay so maybe the costumes were a little less professional and the dancing ( yes they had a spot of ballet paus de deux) wasn't so perfect, but I enjoyed the pitch perfect playing and the songs very much. So no..I have no regrets attending this concert. An experience!

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