Tuesday, October 02, 2012


Steffl taken from a distance (Smokers they're everywhere uurgh)
What so special about this department store? Mozart lived and died here. And he also wrote and completed The Requiem and The Magic Flute here.Currently located at Kärntner Straße 19. It was founded in 1895. It owes its name to the Stephansdom tower.And yes I bought my two Longchamp bags here for a very good price. 
The glass lift....it was a scary experience
 This was the glass lift in Steffl. I took it because I was tired. So I travelled from level 6 right down to the basement with my nose almost pressed against the glass just to see what it was like. Not so good for the tummy but I got a nice video shot:)
Longchamp WOOT!
Got all excited when I saw this. I confess ...spent some time here oo-ing and ahh-ing over the price. The sales person was lovely. She diplomatically stayed away and offered her services intermittently at just the right time ie to get the ones at the higher shelf for me.
The view from the toilet at level 6 Steffl
The ladies at the Steffl was at level 6. Yes now you know why I went all the way to Level 6. A good experience. Clean and with wide glass windows you can see the buildings across clearly. Imagine...(again yes I'm mozart-obsessed) Mozart may have seen this view all those years back. Maybe his inspiration came from this. Who knows? The man was a genius!

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