Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Out of space no WAY!!!

Here's a weird thing. Apparently I have run out of my quota of 1G in terms of pictures posted on blogspot. ( Swoon) I now have the option of
1. panicking and creating a new blog with another competitor ie wordpress
2. Delete some pictures ( waaah) thus creating more space
3. Ignoring this and hoping it will all solve itself the next time I log on.

Please advice:(
In the meantime I am left with words to describe what's been happening.
1. Mum's birthday which was three days from 4th Grand-auntie's birthday.
2. My right knee swelled up as a direct result of ignoring all warning and jogging an additional 5 km after 13.3 km. ( silly I know but I wanted to collect nike miles)
3.My violin teacher thinks I may ( just may) have improved in the scales and double stops
4.I now cannot imagine living with only ONE handphone.( I have 2)
5.I received news the 6 year old niece has achieved an award in Wu her a licence to kick holes in walls ( not at my place hopefully) when she visits.
6.I'm re-reading Angels by Marian Keyes. Part of the promise to self made earlier in the year re no further purchase of fiction paperbags until the shelves are cleared of books never read!

Enough for now. While I wait for some suggestions from you!


fibrate said...

Host your photos somewhere else, like Photobucket?

letti said...

I'm with Fibrate. I host my photos on Photobucket. I've been a member there since 2004 - yeah, I have over 5700 files hosted over there, and it's unlimited storage even for regular non paying people like myself with 10 Gigs of bandwidth a month!!. LOL :)

edina monsoon said...

Fibrate + letti: THank you thank you thank you!!! and now the next obvious task would be to get this sorted. Which is easier said than done. Wish me luck