Sunday, November 25, 2012


Bucket, originally uploaded by d o l f i.

Thanks Lettie and Fibrate for your comments re where to upload pictures. ( Hosts is a more accurate term) So here is what I have been doing for the last 43 minutes...trying to figure out how exactly to do it.

I've created a photobucket account. And uploaded ( blush) a single picture. And that's about the only successful bit of the story I can share. The tricky bit of uploading a picture to blogger is beyond me. So I've cheated by linking someone else's picture for now.

It's funny how you don't care very much for blogging and uploading pictures until you CAN'T and then you absolutely just want to do it. There must be a syndrome for this:) I call it kiasu-ism!


letti said...

Hm.. I don't know how much you know about html, but there should be a "HTML code" for every picture/photo that you upload to photobucket, which you just copy and paste/insert the whole code into your post. If you don't see the HTML CODE thingy, then perhaps you could go into album settings to make it show them with your photos.

OR , you could click on the "add photo" icon when you are writing a new post and go to select a file "FROM A URL" and use the "DIRECT LINK" code from photobucket.

hope that helped a little

edina monsoon said...

Thanks letti!! I will try that this evening after work:)