Saturday, January 19, 2013

Broderie Anglais

By chance whilst jogging yesterday and listening to the radio, I heard the announcement of major road closure this Sunday. Very fortunate!!! Two consecutuve years  ( I cannot remember which years exactly but it id happen ) I almost missed Sunday mass thanks to the main roads being closed causing a jam which spreaded right out like medusa to the peripheral roads. So( smug look) this year I did the smart move of heading to St John's Cathedral for sunset mass this evening. You're wondering where the broderie anglais story comes it comes...wait for it...

After mass, I decided to pick something up from KLCC for mum. Naturally it wasn't enought just to walk into Isetan and pick the stuff up....I decided to find that elusive ecco shop. ( which I did but that's another story)

I bought a top from Gap made out of  Broderie Anglais material.This material is great for hot weather. The many mini holes give great ventilation...without giving too much away. This new top will replace my previous top for violin class. Because the teacher says I'm always hot and bothered during scales and sight-reading.

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