Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mynah in the family

Bird cage 3, originally uploaded by canyoupixelthis.

This year the niece decided she would rather be friends with the bird ( Mee-Nah) rather than the sugar glider. ( Ah-Goo)  (I am not responsible for the ridiculous names given to the two pets my father owns.)  I gather Ah-Goo showed his unhappiness at being handled roughly by scratching her hands badly. The poor bird on the other hand couldn't do more than chirp away. 

Mee-nah had to endure numerous baths in a day. She was forced to watch very boring cartoons with the niece. And she got chased and squeezed quite a bit during the two week stay. I think Mee-Nah ( unlike everyone else in the family )  wasn't sorry to see the niece leave. 

Update (Mee-Nah is slowly recuperating and has been growing her missing feathers slowly)

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