Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Longchamp bag cupcakes!!

Longchamp bag cupcakes set 1, originally uploaded by Cupkeiks.
This picture is so cute...I want this for my birthday:) I got 4 more bags from Hongkong. It's an addiction I know:) Decided to buy a big foldable longchamp luggage bag.

Here i what I like about La pliage
1. It's foldable ( hence the name)
2. The colours are vast
3. I think its classless
4. It comes in different sizes big enough for bible/ipad/ipod/macbook in whatever combination and permutation. So tell me..what's not to like about it...really!!!


fibrate said...

Agreed! Are they cheaper in HK? After seeing how much (or little) they cost in Europe I cannot bring myself to pay retail prices in Asia/Malaysia anymore!

edina monsoon said...

yes it WAS cheaper. I bought 5 more:)