Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Early bird Medal from NIke+

Bird Mug, originally uploaded by tashamck.
Today is an important day. ( Not in history generally but for me). I got the Early Bird Medal on Nike+ app. Okay explanations......
If you like collecting things and hoarding stuff and you also think you should exercise, may I strongly ( and I mean it ) recommend you buy an ipod nano ( if you already have an iphone that would suffice) and get the ap nike+.

As you jog it gives you a voice feedback when you're hit the half way point...and when you press on one button anytime during the will tell you how much you have achieved ....pace and how many more km to your goal. ( You set your goal at the start of the run)

As you sync this with your nike+ account ( which you must create to get all the fun) you get to compare youself to others in the nike+ you see your achievements in a chart form, cumulative kms and speed....AND you get to win trophies:)

I got the Early Bird Medal this morning. How do you get it? By running between 3-6am for five times!!!

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