Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Posh meal

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Yes, this was one of the many meals in Hongkong ( Circa dec 2012) I can't remember what the name of the restaurant is...wait it will come back to me....okay here it is: Habitu Restarante the Garden. Fine dining!

I chose fish and this was it. The portion was just right. And the fish was done the way I like it. ( But as I generally hate fish I cannot claim to be a gourmet and give an adequate description) It came with this sauce which looked like jam. So I mashed it about a bit for effect. ( And too get that taste of JAM with fish) and this was the result.

Just as we had sat down to order...I nicked someone's wifi and hit the review action on this ap called foursquare where you may "check-in" to your location. And it gives people's comments on theplace.
And here's what I read " I must congratulate self on picking what is possibly the worst restaurant in Hongkong"said someone on foursquare.

Horrors! We had two options. Sit and hope for the best, or stand up and leave. We chose the former. The waiter who served us had a face like death and looked like he may turn hurt us should we do something to upset him. Obviously standing up to leave after ordering would be rude by anyone's standard.

The food truthfully was good:) Not raving good but tasty and served well. Pity there were no smiles to accompany the serving of food.

Not returning any time soon. But if you happen to read unfavourable reviews...they aren't true.

Habitu Restaurant
Lee Gardens Two, 28 Yun Ping Road,
Causeway Bay, Hongkong, China.

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