Wednesday, March 13, 2013

bedak sejuk

bedak sejuk, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

I uploaded this picture and the one before on the samsung S2 using Flick. Didn't realise there's no words after the caption. I'm just after my (almost daily 5 km run) so whilst seated at the desk admiring my nike+ miles...I 'm going to write a bit more here. I wonder whether bedak sejuk is a nyonya thing. I remember using this as a reward to relax. If you take these beads and mix them with water, they become paste and you smear it on face in whatever order and motion you fancy. To get a better cooling effect, you must lie beneath a fan. I still have a tupperware of bedak sejuk...I transfered it from the original packaging because that didn't fit into the drawer. I will look for it when I'm next back home. And yes, I think I will try it for old times sake provided there isn't a pong from the stale bedak sejuk.

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