Saturday, March 16, 2013

Dinner at nice Indian restaurant

After mass and stations of the cross, we had dinner at an Indian restaurant down the road from church. This was my second visit. I had rava thosai with fried bitter gourd and fish curry. It was served on a banana leaf which made it tastier ( psychologically) than served on a plate.

Betel Leaf.
Authentic Chettinad Restaurant
77A Lebuh Ampang
50100 kuala Lumpur
Tel number:Phone
: +603.20325932
Mobile: +6012.3992312

Click Here for a link to their website


letti said...

And makan pakai tangan lagi syok :)

edina monsoon said...

I did I did!!! Eating thosai with utensils is hard. Hands are easier:)