Sunday, March 17, 2013


Penang food in KL, originally uploaded by Fred @ SG.
My aunt gave me this from Singapore. Bought from a nyonya restaurant in Katong. We were there for dinner in Feb this year. That visit was different, instead of the usual Orchard Road scene, I stayed in Tiong Bharu and witnessed the older parts untouched by progress. And I saw bits of Katong;the shop houses ( the restaurant was in a shop house) very like ours in Malaysia, and the people were more laid back in dressing.

Back to the otak. It's on the list of food I like to snack on. I realise I like smelly food. On the list, there's keropok lekor, Petai, fried brinjal ,seaweed crackers and moo cow. The last is the only one odorless. Otak-otak is fish paste with spices wrapped in banana leaves and it is either steamed or grilled. I've been microwaving mine and eating it with bread.

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