Saturday, June 22, 2013

Keropok lekor being fried for buffet lunch

Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka is located at Ayer Keroh. It's very near the highway and you'll drive pass it and miss it if you're not careful. The haze ( as the radio and TV say) in Melaka is worse than KL. The smell of smoke is constant and if you're sensitive your eyes may smart a little ( like mine) and you may experience some chest tightness, which is transient if you move indoors quickly.

This hotel was a contrast to the Equatorial Hotel ( I stayed there one night...bridging therapy between the CPG course and this UKM course) Here are things you may want to know before staying here.

1. There is no iron in the room. And no they do not send irons to rooms on request. They provide a communal ironing area. ( Not a problem for holiday-makers who wear T-shirts mostly but a problem for me with my predominant cotton based wardrobe)

2. There is no lift. If you have a big bag with wheels, be prepared to lug it upstairs. And be sure to choose a room on the 1st floor at least. ( Mine was on the third at the VERY end of the world)

3.Parking isn't a problem but it is outdoors.
4. There is free wifi and you can access it even in my nook of the world.
5. The staff are friendly and efficient.
6. The food is good. THe plates are cleared pretty promptly and the selection of desserts are quite nice.
7. The pool is small But I think it looks nice. (picture in next post probably)
8.There is no bathtub so don't get ideas of soaking at the end of the day. It won't be possible.
9.They serve super fresh keropok lekor...(see picture above)
10. The shower is brilliant. Nice strong pressure and the controls are pretty easy so you'll be able ( easily) to get the temperatureyou desire quickly
11.It's ( as mentioned) pretty isolated so you may want to stock up on snacks if you're the snacking type. Otherwise you may be unhappy in the middle of the night.
12. Getting into the city centre will take about roughly 30 minutes with a bit of traffic. It's just one straight drive until you hit Bayview hotel...and you see Prudential building.

I think this is a hotel you may consider if you're on a budget. It's clean and the room I am in at least does not smell of smoke. ( Unlike the Bayview hotel melaka....)

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