Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby cambridge is a boy

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Finally, the Duchess of Cambridge has delivered. Such feverish expectation in the last two weeks its a wonder she got to hospital without a single photo being shot and plastered on the front page. So despite her "accidentally" saying the word Da--- during her walkabout...she has a son instead.

Congratulations Wills and Kate!!! Now let's see what names you will give your son.

Here are some observations during her pregnancy:
1. She only gained significant weight towards the end of pregnancy. ( fuller face and bigger arms)
2. She's one of the lucky ones not to develop those grotesque huge ankles. How she walked in those pumps of hers shows her determination not to appear "frumpy". I think wearing flats is perfectly acceptable and with the right outfit you won't look frumpy at all
3. The inflamous blowing up of skirt just before entering a chapel for a wedding shows Kate likes ehr skirts short and is rather proud of her legs. Why else would you wear a dangerously short skirt.
4.William has lost a lot of hair:(

*picture taken in Honkong at one of the shopping malls which lead to the harbour

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