Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Five Fingers

Let's deviate from my batch of Indonesian pictures ( in the last few posts) and talk about this brilliant korean drama series which I completed over the weekend. It's called 5 fingers. And it features some rather brilliant piano playing by two brothers; Ji Hoo and In Ha. It's the second drama series I've watched which doesn't have loads of soppy heart wrenching scenes. ( Although discs 5 and 6 made me cry so much I had to drink loads of water to hydrate self) Wiki describes this ( inadequately I must say )as brothers who have difficulties. Understatement! It centers around family feelings most of which are natural and you can identify with these feelings pretty well. Even the unfair feelings and sense of jealousy.

The picture above is of Ji Hoo ( the elder brother ) playing the piano with Da mi ( the common love interest between the brothers but don't worry this is just the side story line, there are other aspects to entertain you.)Hong Da Mi was played by Jin Se Yun. And interestingly, she plays the piano for real in this drama. Apparently she has learnt the instrument for 6 years and still plays at home.  Another interesting fact is, she was not cast originally. Ham Eun Jung was initiallly slotted for the role and appeared in earlier  adverts promoting this drama. Like Hollywood, scandal followed and she was replaced.

* The flu caused lost of shopping time during the weekend. But I can gladly report to be 98% recuperated. Docking off 2% for the nagging cough which comes in bouts with a miniscule amount of phlegm

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