Saturday, August 17, 2013

Moon Embrace Sun

I know this sounds like a silly title. And the picture on the box set wasn't enticing. If it weren't for the lady selling the DVDs insisting this was a nice drama and that I would LOVE it, I certainly wouldn't have bothered buying this. I finished this yesterday evening and felt a bit sad the ending didn't show us more of what happened. I'm sure you've been in this situation before.

The picture above is of the 3 little girls who were chosen amongst the many thousand eligible girls in the land to be princess consort. Do they not look adorable in their hanboks? The first DVD was played by little children playing the part of the heir to the throne, the little maid, the two little girls who came to live in the palace. They acted well. The girl to the right in the green and pink hanbok ( who grows up to be the heroine in the show) acted spunky and intelligent. Her adult character was a docile boring person in comparison.

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