Saturday, August 03, 2013

Tedboy cafe

The seating area, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
MU told me about this cafe via whassap yesterday evening. The conversation centered around cakes, food and korean dvds. One thing led to another and this came up. I googled and found some nice reviews on the net. And so here is my review after driving here for breakfast. The original idea was to get a cake from this bakery. But the cakes were limited so I had breakfast instead.

The service was good. The two young men and one young lady who were serving were efficient. They moved fast, worked well together and were alert to their customers queries and wants.

The seating area is slightly limited but arranged to have some variability which is nice. The pastries looked very good too but I thought I should limit self because my bajus look suspiciously snug.
I had the sesame bagel and latte. It was lovely and I had a pleasant breakfast at Tedboy cafe.

It's very easy to find. Directly opposite Delicious at Bangsar Village 2. I used waze and parked outside which was so cheap. RM0.90

Tedboy Bakery,
10, Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2202-1312
Open 8am through at least 9pm daily

Review: I'm going to give it an 8/10. Docking two points because they didn't have crepe cake and the coffee could have been a little bit warmer:)

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