Saturday, August 03, 2013

Waiting patiently

Waiting patiently, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
My main agenda was to get a cake. Tedboy was sadly lacking in choices. So after breakfast and ( ahem!a after a quick stroll in BV2) I walked out and entered Tous les Jours which is just around the corner from Tedboy. Tous les jours is a French-Asian bakery.

More people here. And the service was less personal. I stood for a while at the counter before I got served. The lady didn't appear to understand that I wanted a whole cake. She gave me a slice instead. I eventually got the cake and the lady who served me (she wore a chef's hat) asked what I wanted to be written on the cake. She was nice. The other lady at the counter was a little less friendly. No smiles...but no actual sulks either. I guess she was tired maybe.

I sat at a small table near the door and waited for the cake to be sorted. (Picture above) Oh can see my orange La pliage Longchamp, the ole red purse and my smurf village after harvesting

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