Monday, September 30, 2013

A miracle!

People Traffic in Hong Kong, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

I wanted to post a picture of my handphone, but decided this picture showing the huge crowd of people would be better. It reminds me that despite all the evil out there, there is still kindness in this world. On Sunday, I lost my iphone. My fault. And nobody elses. I have two phones. And these phones are my major distractions. The iphone is mainly for playing games. ( Which boils down to only one game Smurf Village) I was meant to meet WNN for breakfast. Due to some miscommunication on whassap she was delayed and I sat in two different places each time taking out the phones for one thing or another. In between the sitting down period, I also visited TIME bookstore to get my copy of Hello magazine. 

When WNN arrived, I jumped off the bench and we got going. I must ( in retrospect) have left the phone on the bench. We went to the nearby mamak for breakfast and a bit of goss. 1.5 hours later...when I wanted to surf the net to find more goss....THAT is when I realised the phone wasn't in my bag. Surge of panic, and quick walking back to the two benches I'd sat on...down to the concierge and onto the basement carpark to make an official report. During which time, the officers told their ten years working, nobody has ever returned a handphone. Keys maybe...but phone never. ( Not great to hear but I was numb then only thinking of the stuff I had on the phone) We walked back to the bench to have a second look and also to ask the folks in the two nearest stalls whether anyone had left a phone with them. the 4 people we asked we incredibly sweet and came out to look with concern. ( Bless them) Earlier...WNN had tried calling the phone twice. 

So what was left was to try and sort out my passwords and log out. We did this whilst sitting on the same bench. WNN had a call back from "my phone". We got all excited. A man spoke and said he had my phone and that he had found it and decided to keep it safe. He told us where he was...which was at the other mamak stall and so we walked there with great hope but not daring to seem too excited.

And there they were, two young men having a cup of coffee each. One of whom kept my phone safe...and he returned it to me. You cannot begin to imagine how I felt at this point. I had a little weep directly after. Such were my emotions. 

And so this post is dedicated to ALL those honest hardworking people out there who have good values. Thank you for being you. And to the young man who returned my phone, I am truely grateful for your random act of kindness. Thank you God for this miracle. Lessons learnt...I should use only one phone rather than two. ( And also password protect my phones). 

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