Tuesday, September 17, 2013

inside casa batllo

inside casa batllo, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
There are so many pictures to choose from. And I am humbled by the more exciting and arty pictures I see on other people's blogs. So I'm going to post a simple picture taken inside Casa Battlo. The top of the picture is the airwell which has special ventilation points so you won't feel stiffled inside the building. The windows are of separate apartments. And the blue tiles are positioned with the darker tiles closer to the top. That way, seen from below the blue appears uniform from bottom to top. Wasn't Gaudi clever?

Casa Batllo has minimal straight lines if you see it from outside. It was oval deformed windows which gives the building a cartoon-like appearance that will draw you to it even if you didn't know it was a famous must-see-Gaudi-building. It looks a bit like a dragon from certain angles. And the mosaic tiles have a strange but delightful shimmer to it. The building was originally built by Emili Sala Cortes in 1877. The original building must not have been too nice but the Batllo's bought it perhaps due to its location. After purchasing the building, Josep Batllo hired Gaudi to design his home. After many refurbishments we now see the amazing work of Gaudi. The tour through with the audio guide gives meaning to each part of the house. I enjoyed my visit very much. It was rather rushed as I gave up my lunch break for this. ( After which I rushed back to the conference for the afternoon session)

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