Thursday, October 10, 2013

uitm medical campus sg buloh

I was here on Tuesday morning to give a talk. The drive there was smooth until after the last tol where I hit a mini jam. I used "waze" and I'm going to give Waze an 8/10 for accuracy. It led me to Hospital Sg Buloh which was the destination I set. For an odd reason I cannot explain, I was convinced the campus was linked literally to Hospital Sg Buloh. I drove into the carpark and drove about and around it looking in vain for any sign of the UITM campus  before heading out...only to drive on and enter a hotel directly after that. So I asked the guard at the hostel...who told me the campus was way beyond.

He was cannot miss it. The buildings are positioned nicely and you can see it to your right as you drive. Parking was LOVELY. I got a spot right in front of the auditorium. No where else can you get such a good parking spot.

The talk itself was okay and I got back in time to do some real work for the rest of the day.

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