Friday, November 08, 2013

Hungarian embroidery

They're big into embroidery in Budapest. Most shops were selling paprika ( a separate post for this) or embroidery or both. Here is just one such table runner seen in a shop along Vaci street. Hand sewn. There were cheaper versions sold outside along the street towards the end of the evening but we were told they were machine sewn.

Apparently Hungarian embroidery dates back to the middle ages where the number of embroidered cloth you had was a mark of wealth. Floral patterns are big. And I think they're called "Kalocsa". If you see the picture above, the flowers and leave are prominent with bright clear colors which work well together.

Interesting fact; the oldest embroidery in Hungary is the robe of the first King of Hungary Stephen the first and it can be found in the national museum. Apparently his wife helped embroider the robe. Well done to her!!!!

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