Friday, November 08, 2013

Modern Matryoshkas

Look what else we found at the Central Market Hall, Budapest ( also known as Nagy Vasarcsarnok...quite a mouthful) Try saying that really fast without sounding silly. See! You can't. Little Russian dolls but this time, instead of the traditional face and costume...we have faces of presidents of various countries. 4300 florinths per doll. I didn't buy them. I have more pictures of the Central Market Hall but let me just say more thing about it here. The path from Vaci Utca to Central market hall is theoretically one straight line. What we didn't factor in was the rather messy construction right smack in the middle of Vaci street forcing you to walk either to the right or left but not the middle of the street. And the construction goes almost throughout the length of this shopping street. It put a slight dampener on the speed of shopping. We took a wrong turn ( or two) and went en route in a convoluted manner.

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