Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kanga, Lady Tyron, Who is she?

Taken from the Daily Mail
Prince Charles had numerous girlfriends when he was younger and he had two ladies whom he was"close" to. One of whom he has since married; Camilla Parker Bowles. The other was Dale Harper who perhaps is better known as "Kanga". So who was Kanga? She was an Australian, daughter of  rich businessman who was shipped to London by her mother.

In London she met Lord Tyron and as his fiancee she was brought to Buckingham palace and met Prince Charles. Dale was known a a vivacious lively young lady. I imagine this captivated Prince Charles and they became and remain close for many years.

During this period, Charles remained close to Camilla and some believe he shuttled between the two women. Both got married, Camilla to Andrew Parker Bowles and later Dale to Lord Tyron. I believe the tabloids made them out to be enemies both vying for Prince Charles' affection. Camilla made Prince Charles godfather to her son Tom Parker Bowles. Dale did the same thing and Charles became godfather to Charles Tyron.

There is a rather tragic ending to Dale Lady Tyron. She used the media and would slip little nuggets of information which made her unsafe to the royal family. In stark contrast, Camilla remain silent. Desperate to remain important, she later became rather erratic in her behavior and had a mysterious fall from an open window which left her crippled an wheel-chair bound.

Lord Tyron divorced her later and she eventually died from septicemia. She is survived by her 4 children. Prince Charles did not attend the funeral.

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