Friday, December 13, 2013

Kathleen MacMahon

She is Irish. She writes well. "This is how it ends" should be on everyone's bookshelf because it is good. It is a love story which is so touching you find yourself  cheering the the couple on and towards the end you find yourself wishing hard for things to turn around.

This is a story about Addie and Bruno. How they met and fell in love. In the background is Hugh ( Addie's father who is easy to hate but MacMahon makes him vulnerable too so he's not a typical villain but a believable one) , Addie's sister Della, Della's husband Simon and Addie's dog Lola. The story starts at a nice pace and remains at that gentle cantle throughout making it a addictive read. The climax is at the end of the book and as you read the last sentence you can't help but want more from the author. For me, this is a sign of a very good book

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