Saturday, February 08, 2014

Keropok Lekor

Keropok Lekor, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
Last night, while browsing through my iPhoto albums on the iMac, I found some lovely old pictures. Some of which I've uploaded on Facebook already. ( Slow connection it took a while...unifi what is wrong with you this week?)

This was taken at Wau Penyu. One of the first eateries to be opened at Publika. And back then, we would refer to Publika as that place where Wau Penyu is.

How times have changed. Publika is now firmly known. Wau Penyu has since closed down. This is their version of keropok lekor which I something I like eating a whole lot of. ( Bad for the arteries, and most other organs in the body I'm sure)

Wau Penyu was a very happening place then. I remember seeing their buffet fare during buka puasa and the there were many people.

More recently when we wanted to have Dim sum at Publika....we also found another eatery which has closed down; Imperial Pot. Bad Feng shui maybe because the reviews weren't half bad. But when we were looking for it, it was tucked in a corner quite a distance from all other busy shops

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