Saturday, February 08, 2014

jigsaw mania

jigsaw mania, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
PN gave me this for my birthday together with another box of jigsaw. The first was interesting. NO picture shown but there's a leaflet to read through and then you attempt to fix the puzzle based on the story Once the jigsaw is all joined, you're meant to solve the whodunnit.

I didn't bother solving the mystery.( Puzzle was 100% and was busy admiring it) After finishing this puzzle, I realize it has made me better at doing puzzles. I now take some time to appreciate the etchings on the jigsaw piece and can complete little parts without looking at the picture. This was proven in our subsequent puzzle the day when this was completed.

John Spilsbury is credited for making this popular way back in 1870. Of course these days the puzzles have evolved....but my little complaint in the sorry selection we have in kl:(

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