Friday, February 07, 2014

Sunny days ahead

Sunny morning, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.

The rainy days are finally over. With the sun, we also have the haze courtesy of some fire across the border. So perhaps I'll stick to the plan of swimming to lose weight in 2014. Of course, this means buying some new goggles ( powered of course), some flippers ( just to test out how fast I can go should I ever evolve into a mermaid) and a new swimming costume. The jogging shoes will be pushed back in the cupboard until my knees repair itself. I'm targeting mid 2014, because I do like running actually when I think properly. 

It's February already!!! And work is slowly starting to come in, in pairs and trios with similar deadlines and also the unexpected meetings which I dread because I contribute little and fear being asked to resolve issues beyond my miniscule power. Some days are terrible, where everything goes wrong, starting with  you feeling in a black mood for no particular reason. But TODAY, was a brilliant Friday. We should all take mini breaks. My CNY break has made me more patient, more tolerant of silly people and silly slow cars on the road. 

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