Tuesday, March 18, 2014


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Good coffee is hard to get in KL. And once you have it. you'll crave it. Here's my list of decent coffees you may get.

1. I'll start with Coffee Stain at Publika because that's the most recent haunt. Caffe Latte is nice. Been here 4 times.Once to have a takeaway ( which I felt wasn't so nice because once cold the coffee loses its charm) It was served in a canary hello mug the first time which was nice. But for some reason, it's now ( twice now) served in this black mug.

2. Coffee Societe also at Publika. Also good coffee. It's just a bit further to walk and there are usually not enough seating indoors and outdoors although nice you run the risk of being in the company of smokers.

3. SanFrancisco coffee. They make nice coffee. What I don't like is the venue. Small and the seats are too low so you'll have to sit ramrod straight. The outdoor seating faces Ben's which isn't too nice.

4. Artisan at Bangsar Village2. Again seating may be a problem. I sat at the long tall table on a stool. So you can imagine how uncomfortable that was. Coffee was nice. But I prefer Coffee Stain's latte.

5. The coffee place inside BIG is nice but the size of the coffee is small. And you get a big cold sitting there for coffee. And there really isn't much of a view unless you like watching people do their grocery shopping as you sip your coffee. ( hehe)

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