Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lush Wisma Atria, SIngapore

I must stay away from repetto posts. To avoid buying another pair in the SAME month. That would be extravagant. And bad! So here is a post on LUSH. ( Second obsession for this month...a poor second after shoe ...ballerina flats in particular)

First used this soap in Vienna. And only because the shop had good Feng-shui and I entered it because it was colorful and it had started to rain outside. And I refused ( initially) to buy an umbrella. I did buy one eventually. And of course, it never rained again during my trip. (Aargh). I used karma and something else and the lingering smell was gorgeous. So I returned to buy some.

When I got home, I stuffed the soap in the cupboard and that's really when the obsession started. The smell people....was divine. I would be happy the whole day if I caught a niff of it on my clothes. Then the sad fact that Lush isn't available in Malaysia. Bleah! ( These pictures were taken during my most recent trip to Singapore...where I stocked up shamelessly for self and friends)

The soaps are gorgeous. They look weird and smell funny ( some of them) but I suspect once you try it, the smell will knock you out. Almost!

The limiting factor: the price. ( Although compared to repetto this isn't much. Heck anything compared to repetto seems cheap!! A dangerous and unfair comparison. Stop stop stop!)

And so, if any of you have used LUSH, please drop me a line and share you experience. I love the bath bombs. And I can't wait to use my super duper bath bomb next.

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