Saturday, March 08, 2014

french sole

french sole, originally uploaded by andreaban2009.
The obsession with visiting the local French Sole shop was too strong to ignore. Oddly enough, the roads were empty and it took 15 minutes from work to KLCC.

French sole is located on the 3rd floor the same side as Marks and Spencers. I had to ask the information desk because I was too eager to get there. Did not want to walk about looking. Turns out, I wouldn't have found it myself. It's located in one of the pushed-out spots in KLCC ( their version of expanding the place) and you can't see it from the escalator. A tiny sign handing from the ceiling is the only pointer to this shoe haven.

They've been here for more than a year and I don't know about this? Serves me right for not buying any local magazines to read.

The shop is everything you'd want a shoe shop to be. Shoes to the left and right displayed in groups depending on their designs and a large seating area in the middle. The salesperson recognized my own frenchsole shoe I was wearing.( except it's called London sole and she explained the difference to me...and I've forgotten it now so I can't blog about it)

I decided to try and more sloppy version of ballerina flats. In a rather deep dirty orange color. I like some toe cleavage and this design suits my taste. A little bit of discount if you use both HSBC or CIMB card. ( Yay the only two cards I have!) And with that final clincher, I caved in and bought my second french/london sole shoes in the week. Too much!

Address: Lot C-103, 1st Floor, Suria KLCC, Malaysia

Contact Tel: 03-2382 0808

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