Sunday, August 24, 2014

ABRSM grade 7 violin exam

My violin
When you're old, you should avoid exams. It's not good for the nerves. Your sleep is disturbed one month before. And the day before the exam is possibly the worse. Your old mind decides to scare you into imagining the worse. And trying to remember the notes for the scales brings palpitations and a bit of dry mouth. Everything ( and I really mean it) appears much more appealing to do rather than play your songs.

I survived my grade 7 exam on Monday. It was held at Hotel Istana. The staff there are lovely. And they don't cringe when you frantically practice your scales quietly in the lobby. ( With the mute) Sadly I must confess to being less prepared than my grade 6 exam also the nerves got the better of me during my first song.

Was a little down after the exams ( post-mortem done high chance of failing) so I cheered myself up by changing my violin strings to Obligato ones. I must say they sound divine. My violin "sings" once again. And I don't hear the squeak from the "e" strong any more. Happy!

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