Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ren Dim Sum

Huge selection of Dim Sum
 This was our second visit there. Sadly it will be our last. Let's just review the good things before I explain more. Huge selection of Dim sum. A major plus point. And we had porridge this morning. Which dare I add was yummy. the issue we have with this place is the service of a certain person who I suspect owns the place. The lady, Madame X ( for lack of a better more original name) served us for the second time.

Due to a bit of greediness ( on the part of WT) we had an array of little dishes surrounding us. As our tummies have a finite size...we had no choice but to "tah pau" a few back. Madame X came by and gave us two empty polystyrene white containers. She left them at our table. How rude. One would have thought the very least was she could have packed the food up for us.

And to add to that.....she also intentionally miscalculated some money when we paid. So no, I feel strongly that we should avoid this place for now. Until Madame X decides to be nicer and have better math.

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Anonymous said...

This restaurant is located opposite CIMB at Jinjang, KL.

I ate there twice too. Not because their food is delicious but due to convenience.

I totally agree with your feedback on their services. To fed things up, the lady owner of this place behave as though their dim sum is supreme (whereas, as a matter of fact, the standard of their supply is no where close to par). Wish those who are looking forward to visit this hole the best of luck.

I rather cook my own maggi mee than visiting this unpleasant spot again during this lifetime.

Please head further to Jalan Ipoh for dim sum in future. They have less varieties but at least their service won't make you lose your appetite.