Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bak Kut Teh Breakfast

It rained this morning. I couldn't swim. And even though the whole scene was catered for a lazy lie-in, I woke up at 0700 to practice my violin. ( Exam is on Monday and the stress level is high high ) What is the best breakfast for a rainy Saturday morning? Bak Kut Teh of course!!! So we drove through heavy rain and bits of water to this stall in Taman Batu, Segambut. ( Or it could be in the fringes of Kepong, my geography of this area is bad.) I saw one shop which claimed to cover Kepong and another with the name " Taman Batu". It is an area parallel to the main road i.e. Jalan Kuching you turn off into this abyss of houses and after 4-5 turns you arrive at this stretch of stalls.

Red and green chillies ( necessary condiments)
 I like my chillie bits to be spicy. This stall leaves you with a whole big bowl and the green and red chillies share the same bowl but are separated only by a miracle. Its best to take what you need and enough of it because this one bowl is shared with the other customers. Once other people arrive the bowl is taken away. There was also a bowl of garlic. It didn't look so nice in the picture but for bak kut the garlic is a very important condiment. ( Raw so you need to brush your teeth after)
Yu Char kuey ( must be hot and crunchy)
 And then we have this crunchy breadstick pastry to dip into the soup quickly before putting it into your mouth.I had a whole bowl of this to myself.
White rice.
Here is my bowl of rice. Nice and warm and a little bit gooey. But not too much. Just writing about this makes me hungry all over again. ( Am not greedy the current time is 7:22pm and I haven't had dinner.
And here it is....nice pork bits...meaty section in one clay pot and the bony section in the other
And here it is....the meat dish served like so. Nice and hot. Imagine eating this while you get a breeze and some dots of rain water on your feet. Certainly a very nice way of spending Saturday morning. Thank you WT for bringing me here for breakfast. And introducing me to authentic chinese food.

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