Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Are you a soap person?

Found at St Wolfgang
I've decided to blog in an non-chronological manner. So I'll be putting up pictures from my album at random and talking around them. Here's such a picture. Aren't these duckies adorable? I kinda regret not buying at least 2 of them. 

Where is St Wolfgang you may well ask...It is in central Austria. Quite a journey by bus all the way from Munich. But the scenery as we approach the smaller villages were amazing. Exactly like a story book or a mini series where you see the villagers walking down the lane. 

I don't think St Wolfgang is famous for soap. (Haha) It is however famous for the White Horse Inn. ( Hotel Weißes Rössl) which is the name of a musical comedy about the head waiter being desperately in love with the owner of the inn. Sounds like a perfect thing to watch on a rainy Saturday morning. Remind me to try and buy the DVD sometime in the year. 
Posing in front of the White Horse Inn

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