Wednesday, October 01, 2014

A miracle

I got an absolutely brilliant whassap message this evening from my violin teacher. Both she and I are in agreement that my passing the ABRSM grade 7 violin exam is a miracle. ( Examiner must have felt sorry for me and been lenient) So here is my absolutely LOVELY news. I Passed!

Tis a shock. ( A nice one) I took up this instrument as a adult. I have learnt that as a adult learner you tend to go both ways depending on the mood. Either be very very enthusiatic ( me at the begining) or slag off when your progress starts plateauing( Me last year ). And here is where a good teacher plays an important role, in encouraging and not giving up. And for this I'ld like to say a big thank you to SA.


Anonymous said...

When someone get through ABRSM Grade 7, there is no such thing as miracle.

Therefore, I believe you did it because you have it.

BIG Congrats....I am really happy for you.

Keep it up :)

edina monsoon said...

thank you very much:)