Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 1 in Munich

My first sight of the station
 I walked across from the hotel and into this great big station where the signs were confusing and the people moving pretty fast and purposeful. Had to calm myself down. Part nervousness and mostly super excited at finally getting started with my Munich ERS working holiday.
Yay smoke free station
 I saw this sign. How nice. ( Plus it had English words I understood)
So many trains. Confusing
I tried getting to the ticket office. And found myself up some steps an onto this little landing. ( Obviously quite the wrong place to be  but I got a nice shot out of this) Some of the trains go to Austria perhaps.
A big headache(for me on day 1)
After a bit of walking about like an ant in semi-circles...I made progress and found the right line. Yay

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