Saturday, September 27, 2014

NH München Deutscher Kaiser

The view from the breakfast area

We stayed at this hotel in Munich. It's opposite the big central train station;Haupbahnhof. And this is absolutely brilliant. This station is huge. ( Not exaggerating!!)Although I should like to say, very confusing to buy a ticket and get on the correct line if you haven't done your research. It took me 20 minutes to finally get going. And I got a kind soul to get me on the correct line to Marienplatz. ( Main shopping area and where you should start your walking tour) After the first day, when things got less blurry...i then found out, the access to the train was just outside the hotel. We didn't even have to cross the road. Duh!
Breakfast is served
We had to pay an additional 21 euros for breakfast. So perhaps you may want to skip this. A short walk across the road and you have access to some great pastries and coffee at a much cheaper price. So no I would say, give this a miss, and explore breakfast at the train station opposite.
You may sit outside

It was a chilling 15 degrees so we sat indoors. But that didn't stop me from going outside before breakfast to take some shots and admire the surroundings. Can you see the pink building? It's the hotel beside us. Its colour just popped in all my shots.

My bed
 Just like Vienna, the beds are made like so. The pillow was liquid soft. ( Which I hated on first touch) But I have to report that ALL sleep done on this bed was wonderful. Hehe. I especially like the huge window seen to the left of this picture. Quiet traffic because the room didn't face the main road.
Tram lines just outside the hotel
And here we have the front of the hotel. Not very impressive I must say. But don't judge a book by its cover. There's a phamacy around the corner. Where I got my emergency conditioner to tame the hair after my first wash with "hard water". All pictures on day 2 in Munich had a bad hair day mode. Thankfully the lady serving me was patient. And I got just the right conditioner and shampoo. Danke!!

NH München Deutscher Kaiser
Arnulfstr. 2. D-80335 Munich (Germany)
Tel. +49 89 54530
Reservations:  +34 91 398 46 61

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