Thursday, October 09, 2014

A word on beer

Paulaner beer
We had beer in Munich. But first, let's have a drinking song before we write on....lah lah lah lah....

 Ein Prosit ein Prosit gemüdlichkeit, Ein Prosit ein Prosit gemütlichkeit... einz, zwei, drei, suffa! 
(A toast, a toast that cosy feeling, at toast a toast good vibes, one...two...three...chug it down)

Paulaner was the second brewery we visited. This was only because it was pointed out to us by our tour guide en route to Salzburg. We were in the bus, driving out slowly out of Munich. There and then, we decided we would hit this spot that evening. And so we did. Quite a walk from the nearest tube station but the weather was chilly so we didn't sweat one bit. And we walked fast to get warm.

We sat outside. They had a cosy half hut to the back of the building. There were three other others occupied. One was a huge crowd of friends who looked cheery and cosy. The other two with smaller groups of 2-3 obviously having a winding down session after a day's work. The inside was packed with people. Every table was full. We walked pass the kitchen. Good timing, we I walked pas, the chef had just put some food on the counter. Oh boy, it looked and smelt divine.

We ordered pork knuckle ( again) and it was nicer than Hofbrauhaus' version. ( The morning version here was good, but the evening pork knuckle was tough...we suspect it wasn't fresh.)

The beer you see above is the special Octoberfest version. What's the difference ? we asked. And the waiter said, it's a special brew for the season with more alcohol. Hic!! (6% alcohol)
Hofbrauhaus Beer
At Hofbrauhaus we had two different types of beer. I've only shown one here. There was this light version and a much darker version.( The color of cola). I liked the light version better.

I've since found out there are many different beers. And here are some of them.

1.Helles .A lager introduced in 1895. It's pale. Contains 5% alcohol and has a light taste. It is served with 1-2cm of foam generally.

2. Pilsener. (Yuppie beer) Served with a lacy doily. It has a slight bitter taste.

3. Dunkles. 4.3%- 5.2% alcohol. Darker beer looking red- brown in color. Nutty in flavor

4. Weissbier( Yeast wheat beer) (5.4% alcohol) This beer is honey coloured. It has a slight banana flavor. And when yeast is added to it, it turns a darker color. (Dunkles Weissbier) It is served in a tall bell shape glass.

5. Stakbier Bock. 6-7% alcohol. Dark amber. And it has a malty taste.

6. Dopperlbock. Also has a heavy malt taste. And it contains 9% alcohol. Red or dark brown. Fuity and bitter-sweet.

The last two as you can see are the strongest Munich beers.

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