Thursday, October 09, 2014

Fish at Viktualienmarkt, Munich

I arrived on Friday. So I had to wait a whole day before I could savour the pork knuckle. ( grr!) I took a bit of time looking for a fish shop to eat at Viktualienmarkt. There were sandwiches but mainly ham and pretzels and some pastries. They smelt delicious but I fancied some fish. After walking about for a good 10 minutes pass a lot of people eating yummy pork and chicken, I found a fish shop.

Here are some pictures of my visit to the Fish shop

Some signboard in German. I don't read German :(
Spotted many interesting sign boards. Sadly I couldn't understand much. Apart from Caffe, and Frustuck. Here's an example of what I saw. Nice curly handwriting.
I spot the word Fish

And here is the shop. I spotted the word Fisch. Sounds close enough to fish. And I smelt some fishy pong and my nose led me here. Quite a few people came in and bought stuff and walked out eating. No seats inside. And there were these tall tables. ( It's in the picture above) where you can stand and eat. I just ordered mine and walked about taking more pictures.

Quite a choice
The person at the counter was very efficient. And despite speaking minimal English ( him) and minimal German (me) I got what I wanted with a minimum of fuss.
Salmon sandwich. YUM
And here was my Friday lunch in Munich City.

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