Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Around the Hirmer area, Munich

A large interesting painting on the floor.
Once again, you can see from the dress-code that evening that the weather was just nice on Day 1 in Munich. Not a drop of rain, and just a bit of sun peeping through the little clouds in the sky. The guidebook did say " Munich is in a temperate climate zone, which means that it never gets too cold in the winter-or too hot in he summer. " ( Very true.....and very nice for a person who lives in the tropics. No major shock to the system unlike last year's visit to Budapest where the body was shocked and dropped directly into a very cold and crisp winter)

I did a whole lot of walking in the first day. There's something exciting about exploring. Christopher Columbus must have had the same type of buzz. Albeit of a different level from me. ( Hic !) I started off at Marienplatz and walked away from it in a radiating manner using Glockenspiel as my reference point. (All this without a map because I couldn't be bothered with one).

First let's admire the picture above. Very nice. It depicts the shopping area where it is placed. You may see the appreciative looks of the on-lookers as they ooh-ed and aah-ed quietly. ( Nobody is very loud in Munich not even when they are sozzled with beer. Again, a very nice thing.) You can just about make up Hirmer building in the background of this picture.

The other areas I explored and found on day one were
1. The toy museum.( which I didn't fancy going into)
First you have to pay to enter. And more importantly the museum was surrounded by some delicious shopping.

2. St Peter's church. Munich's oldest parish church. I had the privilege of attending Sunset mass on Saturday evening there. The entire mass conducted in German of course. I also saw a family of 5 who were obviously on holiday also attending mass. They were seated in the pew in front of me. They had huge bags of Milka chocolates.( A separate post on Milka coming soon.)

3.Viktualienmarkt. I remember reading this in KL before flying here. And oh boy, it's certainly worth visiting. I walked and arrived there just after 2pm and found throngs of hungry people eating delicious things. It's now less of a farmer's market and more of a shopping area for gourmets. Truly a food paradise. I took many many pictures which I will share soon.

4.Lush. Where I bought "sultana of soap" which i dare anyone not to like on the spot. The smell is addictive and you will definitely want one of your own in your own bathroom. Or like me, have it between your clothes so you will smell divine all day.

5. Assam Kirche I've blogged about this. Also the surrounding shops up and down the same street. Which gave me endless picture-taking opportunities. I nearly completed one of my 4 SD cards that evening.

6. Arches which I think used to be the walls which surround the city. I'm guessing there are not many of them left. I saw at least two while walking. I must find my picture and post it.

More later....

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