Tuesday, October 07, 2014

One of Munich's oldest Breweries

The entrance
Walking towards St Peter's church from Glockenspiel....if you choose to turn to your left and walk on, you will eventually get here. Hofbrauhas is one of Munich's oldest breweries and certainly one of its more famous ones. It does help that the Munich Hard Rock Cafe is directly opposite it. What's not to like about the location of the two.  

Truthfully I was looking for HRC to get a T-shirt for WT. And found myself just outside the yummy place. And so we had lunch here.
I am caught studying the menu intently
 As you can see I spend quite a time studying the menu. Enough to be caught on camera.
The pretzel lady
It is quite commercialized. ( I only found this out after visiting this place twice and comparing it to a different place we went towards the end of our trip). Here is the pretzel lady walking about in case you want a pretzel to eat with your sausage or beer. ( Pretzel boy/man comes on later in the evening, we had dinner here as well a day later and found this out)
White german sausage in boiled water. 
We ordered the german sausage and here it was. Served like so looking rather white and uninviting to the palate. We dished it out and squished a generous serving of mustard before eating it. Rating 6/10. I think this takes some getting used to. We did howevere ADORE the pork knuckle. ( Picture below)
Pork knuckle YUM
This was yummy. Soft and tender the meat just slid off the bone and was tasty and soft to chew. the pudding was not nice. After two pokes and 1.2 mouthfuls I proclaimed it inedible and we left it well alone choosing to focus on the yummy pork instead.

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