Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Took this picture without knowing what it was
Again! I took this picture because it looked so nice. The red flowers below every single window made this look like a building from a Lego box. It was only later in my trip....when I happened to read one of the many travel brochures i picked up along the way that I recognised this as the picture I took. ( Reading brochures during the jetlag period can be useful it appears.

What so special about Hirmer? It's strictly Men only. It is the LARGEST men's store in the world. Fancy that. 6 whole floors dedicated to men's fashion. Now that IS something special indeed. I never entered it. (Lack of time...and lack of interest as I was more interested in shopping for ME )

Location: Kaufinger Str.28 Munich. Mon-Sat: 0930 to 2000
The nearest tube station would be Marienplatz.

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