Tuesday, October 07, 2014

St. Michael Kirche, Munich

The entrance with St Michael the Archangel slaying the demon. 
As I walked away from Hirmer's I came across this building which looked like a church. There were a few people taking pictures of it. I must say the facade is impressive. Enough to catch your eye as you walk pass it. Some were seen entering and leaving the building. I followed and entered the main door.
The Altar
And this was the view I got as I entered. It was a sunny afternoon and we had some lovely sun streaming into the building. Which made the gold bits light up and came alive.  This is St Michael's church, a Jesuit church and the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps. ( According to Wikipedia) According to another source is it the second largest church in Europe, the first being St Peter's in Rome.
Just to the right of the altar
The interior is meant to present the triumph of Catholicism as the true christianity during that period. Interesting yes? This church was built by William V ( The duke of Bavaria from 1579-1597) during the Catholic reformation. ( I really must read up my history a bit before I can get excited about this). The Duke pulled down an impressive 87 houses to build this church. Apparently at least 50 well known people rest on the church floor.

Here is the exact address:
Neuhauser Straße 6, 80333 München, Germany
+49 89 2317060

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