Monday, October 06, 2014


My view as I walked towards the Glockenspiel. ( Neo-gothic style )
These pictures were taken on day 1 in Munich. Right after dumping my bags at the hotel, and getting the correct train ticket to the city centre. The weather that morning started off gloomy but it developed into a nice crisp dry cool morning. I made do with a light sweater and a scarf. ( The scarf was removed later when i got all hot and bothered walking about taking loads of pictures)

This is the New Town House ( or Neue Rathaus in German) is built in the neo-gothic architectural style. It lies to the north of Marienplatz and is one of the first buildings I recognised when I walked about the town. I used this as my reference point. This building is where the Mayor's office, the city council and the city administration is. Pretty important building in the city I would say.

Can you see the huge crowd of people? I was extremely fortunate. I arrived around 11am and heard the very famous Glockenspiel chime and the carousel go round and round. That was the only day I managed to catch this.
Can you see the signboard Marienplatz?
 The intricate figurines can be seen here. A close-up shot just to remind myself what a gorgeous
building this is.

A close up of the Glockenspiel
Here is the famous Glockenspiel. At 11am it springs to live and re-enacts scenes with figurines popping out and twirling. There are two levels. ( You can just about see the levels in the picture above) You will see the Copper dancers, The Muncher Kindl and the angel of peace making their appearances.  The total length of the song is 12 minutes. I have a video of this. Yay
The cafe inside the Glockenpsiel
I followed the crowd through the main door. There appeared to be no entrance fee to enter. And this is what I saw. A lovely cafe (Ratskeller I think a traditional restaurant where you presumably can get local food) with people sitting and admiring their surroundings.

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