Monday, October 06, 2014

A surprise find opposite LUSH soap shop

Asamkirche to the right. The actual building here is the House of E.Q. Asam
You must excuse this picture. Bear in mind my excitement in finding Lush and getting excited with the soap shopping spree. The picture above just about manages to catch the entrance of Asamkirche. It is not the building caught in the middle of the photo, rather the building to the right with the larger yellow border seen on the extreme edge of the picture. Sadly I went through my pictures and found no picture of the actual entrance. But I do have nice pictures of the interior. And here they are for all to see and enjoy.
The exquisite interior

Look at the ceiling Fresco " Life of the Saint Nepomuk
This ceiling is considered one of the masterpieces by Cosmas Damian Asam. ( Read more below to see who he was)
A closer look at the high altar with the twisted columns

Isn't the inside of the church absolutely gorgeous? When I stepped in...I had to take a moment. A deep breath before my brains registered what I saw. What strikes you about this church? Apart from the obvious intricate and lavish finish? It's rather small isn't it?

This church was built originally as a private church. That should explain the small-ish size.  It is built on a property  measuring 22 by 8m. And it  occupies a space between two houses.  If you google, you will find the church's other name is " St Johann Nepomuk". The name Asam comes from the surname of the two brothers who built this church; Egid Quirin Asam (E. Q Asam)  and Cosmas Damian Asam.  If you study architecture ( which I didn't although I did go out with an architectural student for a while) you may realize this represents the 18th century Baroque period.

Who was Johann Nepomuk? At the time this church was built, he was a newly canonized 14th century Bohemian monk who drowned in the Danube. I wonder why the brothers were taken by this monk. Enough to name this glorious church after him.  There is a large statue of St Johann Nepomuk over the front door. If you scroll up to the first picture, you will see E.Q. 's house which is adjoining the church. He could apparently see the high altar from one of his bedrooms.

Visitor and Contact information:
Coordinates: 48.135138° N, 11.569644° E
Address: Sendlingerstrasse 62
Munich, Germany

Opens daily from 9am -5pm


Anna, Fair and True said...

Wow, we missed that when we were there!

edina monsoon said...

A good reason to return to Munich. ( I found this by pure chance actually..nearly missed it too)