Saturday, November 29, 2014

Nasi Padang

So many bowls
On day 1 in Bali, we were left to our own devices. "Free and easy" that's what we were told. Very nice if you're in a place near town ie Kuta to browse and spend money. ( Yay) Not so nice when you're landed in a secluded area called Nusa Dua. After many whassap messages, we took two taxis and got here. A place near enough to have Nasi Padang.

There was steam rice ( not shown in this picture) and many bowls of precooked dishes to choose from. You get all these sent to your table regardless. You then choose which one you want. And you are only charged the ones you eat from. We were famished by that time, so many bowls were messed with and we paid accordingly.

If you squint hard, you can make out the green "sambal hijau"( Daun Ubi Tumbuk ....). THAT was yummy. The aubergine  sambal dish ( Terong Balado )was another favorite. Someone ate some brains in sambal. (Gulai Otak....ewe!)

I believe Nasi Padang originates from Padang, which lies in West Sumatra Indonesia. From my reading, a restaurant selling Nasi Padang has a typical facade. ( Missed that because it was dark when we arrived).

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